Structuring Employment

Colorado’s legislature updates the Equal Pay for Equal Work Act to address ambiguities and discrepancies in compliance. This article updates employers on how to comply.

A multi-chapter resource about some legal issues associated with using volunteers, and how non-profit organizations can manage risk and avoid liability.

The U.S. Department of Labor has proposed a new rule for determining whether a worker is an employee or a contractor. This article discusses the new rule and its importance for businesses.

Employee surveillance has risen in a season where many jobs have a work-from-home option. This post discusses whether it is legal and whether it is wise.

Minimum wage and salary thresholds are going up in Colorado. Employers should budget now for these increases and consider employment restructuring if necessary.

The distinction between employees and independent contractors is a crucial one for businesses for many reasons. To avoid legal risk, ensure that your business’s personnel classifications comply with Colorado law.

Videoconferencing is here to stay, at least for now, this post addresses possible platforms, meeting basics, security measures, and how you can share your meeting with a broader audience.

A multi-chapter resource which seeks to answer these questions: how much vacation time is standard, and what is legally required? What are vacation time traps to avoid? Learn more in these posts on Colorado’s laws.

When does a former employee’s social media activity become a breach of contract? Learn more about what courts across the country have to say about non-solicitation contracts in the digital age.

Is the internet changing the way courts look at whether a worker is an independent contractor? The Colorado Court of Appeals examines this timely question.