Why Telios?


Telios Teaches believes protecting workers is part of God's calling.

Not even counting the financial devastation that lawsuits can cause, allegations and misconduct can jeopardize your organization's future by ending relationships, damaging your culture, and undermining your reputation. Protecting people from being victimized, and cultivating safe, healthy workplaces where employees can do what God called them to do is part of God's calling to leaders.

Employees are happier and healthier when they are protected with a values-based workplace culture that speaks to, and preserves, their core beliefs.

You need resources and training that your learners will pay attention to, and you need a solution that lines up with what God has called you to do. Telios Teaches’ concise, value based training teaches from an Imago Deo (image of God) perspective. Helping your learners understand prevention from a Christian world view and perspective.

We believe in nurturing relationships with clients and coworkers, seeking to bring life and truth to others. We are constant learners who continually acquire and incorporate new information and skills.

Telios Teaches serves ministrieschurchesbusinesses, and individuals, providing them training in HR, with an emphasis on Sexual Harassment Prevention, and Child Safety.

Annual and bi-annual training can often prevent misconduct. And if you are going to be hiring employees, you should have excellent training to help safeguard them.