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A multi-chapter resource which explains insurance. Let us help you evaluate your insurance coverage and make sure you have what you need, and more.

Cases of COVID-19 have now been confirmed in all 50 states and the virus is spreading across the country. What do employers need to know about doing business during the COVID-19 pandemic?

To curb the spread of the COVID-19, many states have banned large gatherings. What does this mean for churches? Can the government force churches to cancel services? What are the legal consequences if churches refuse?

In our last post on SaaS contracts, we discuss different aspects of contracting for a SaaS agreement, including considering the types of provider, and negotiating tips.

The EEOC abandoned its policy disfavoring mandatory arbitration for employment disputes. The new policy is now consistent with current case law. This post addresses what employers need to know.

In a guest post by Scott Brawner, he discusses how pandemics are tough on the decision-making process for organization leadership teams. This is, in part, because organizations are dealing with issues and concerns of safety vs. security. While threats to security can arise from safety incidents like pandemics, the key concerns of a pandemic are rooted in issues of safety.

We'd like to share a guest quiz by Christianity Today's "Church Law & Tax" weekly update. By filling it out, you can help them to more directly gauge the occurrence of sexual harassment in churches and ministries. Responses will be kept strictly confidential, and participants will receive a free download resource in exchange for their time spent assisting us.

This post discusses several common provisions of SaaS contracts, including price and billing, ending the contract, data security, problem-shooting, and covering liability.

Church security is more important than ever. Here are some practical steps to take and legal issues to consider in planning for security at your church, as well as philosophical approaches.

Severance agreements can be useful, but are they valid? This post reviews and discusses some pointers to creating enforceable severance agreements.