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A review of the new federal statute ending contractually obligated pre-dispute arbitration of claims for sexual harassment and sexual assault, and the practical effect it has on employers.

The U.S. Dept. of Education dismissed a sex discrimination complaint against BYU after the school dropped the prohibition of same-sex relationships from its Honor Code, but continued to ban them as a policy.

States are passing law addressing confidentiality provisions in employment agreements. What are the pros and cons of nondisclosure agreements?

Part two in this series on mental health disabilities in the workplace will focus on issues that may arise during employment.

A court dismissed on religious grounds Plaintiffs’ action against a religious school for violating Title IX, brought when the school expelled them for being in a same sex marriage.

With so many people working from home, the pandemic has created unique opportunities for hackers and phishers to access personal and company data. This article discusses cybersecurity attacks and how to prevent them.

Why companies like Google have scaled back their free meal programs for employees working remotely, and why the tax issues involved matter for other businesses too.

Two new Colorado laws taking effect in 2022 create major reforms in sexual abuse litigation. We discuss these new laws and what they mean for abuse victims as well as organizations that work with children.

This multi-part series is intended to discusses mental health disabilities in the workplace, and will focus on potential pitfalls for employers in the pre-employment or screening stage of employment, as well as other topics.

A recent decision from a federal court in Texas explores the application of employment discrimination laws to religious employers as well as to sex-specific bathrooms and dress codes in the workplace.