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Carefully following best investigative practices can help avoid harming people and avoid costly litigation.

Part two of this article discusses when volunteers get hurt and/or hurt others, and how non-profit organizations can manage risk and avoid liability.

Part one discusses how organizations operating abroad should be wary of possible gaps in insurance coverage. Avoiding those gaps is essential to the continued health of your ministry.

Employers in Colorado should be aware of new changes to Colorado’s anti-discrimination laws. This article discusses these reforms and their implications for Colorado employers.

Since remote worker expense reimbursements are currently being challenged in several lawsuits, here are points that other employers should know.

Part one of this article discusses some legal issues associated with using volunteers, and how non-profit organizations can manage risk and avoid liability.

What women should know about Federal protections when they are pregnant, have given birth, or are simply planning to become mothers.

Gender dysphoria is now considered a disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act and employers should be aware not to discriminate.

An important new piece of legislation changes how Colorado employers are required to interact with their employees at separation. Here’s what employers should know.

Two recent decisions from federal appellate courts clarify the scope of the First Amendment’s protections for religious employers and provide some practical guidance.