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In this post, we discuss a new standard for religious accommodations in the workplace that has implications for both employers and employees.

In Part 1 of a two-part series on navigating legal issues around gendered pronouns in the workplace, we discuss the legal rights of both transgender employees and religious employees.

In many ways, AI promises to improve our world. In others, it brings new risks and threats. Typically, when Americans think “Threats from AI,” we think of science fiction scenarios involving rogue AIs and exploitive mega-corporations. But evil robots and syndicates aren’t the only ones able to exploit AI: child predators can too.

A recent decision from a federal district court in Washington State applied SOGI discrimination laws against a religious organization. This post discusses the ruling and its implications for faith-based employers.

Colorado passed a new law in June that will change how employers recruit and hire to combat age-related discrimination in the workplace. Here are some highlights employers should know.

A sweeping new law that affects Colorado employers is set to take effect on January 1, 2024. Businesses in the Centennial State should be prepared to comply with this new law.

What does mandated training mean for Christians at work? We share a list of states with mandated workplace training related to sexual misconduct, as well as ask the question: how can churches go above and beyond?

The EEOC issued the first enforcement guidance on workplace harassment in over two decades. It addresses issues relevant to workplace harassment such as sexual orientation and gender identity, remote/telework and social media, and contraception and abortion.

The post discusses a recent Title IX sex discrimination lawsuit and examines whether, in practice, this interpretation betrays the law and actually encourages unfair treatment on the basis of sex.

A new ruling from the National Labor Relations Board might require many employers to review and revise their employee handbooks.