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David Sidebotham
COO / Creative Director

What is Telios Teaches? Who is this David Sidebotham? And why does he keep telling me about “Stupid Things People Do (And What We Can Learn from Them)?”

Well, that’s his vlog. And he is a founding member of Telios Teaches – the creative one, so to speak. As for Telios Teaches? That organization was created by Telios Law with the aim of protecting believers with “Imago Dei”-focused training.

But enough about all that. This is a bio. And if you’re reading a bio, it’s because you want to know all that there is to know about the person discussed in said bio. Too bad we used all our time writing the word “bio” over and over, and we’re going to have to just give you the highlights.

David’s role at Telios Teaches is twofold:
First, humor: HR training can be boring (and so can personal bios). By refusing to take himself too seriously, David hopes to help his learners understand serious issues. Second, synergy: David takes attorney generated curriculum and translates it into online courses that are accessible to all learners, while remaining informative to learners who may be subject matter experts themselves.

“Merging legalese and comprehensible information? That’s impossible!” you might say. And we thought so too. But, apparently if you mix a third culture kid with a Biola film degree and over a decade of experience in curriculum management, you get the professional equivalent of a platypus. And that magically allows you to merge beliefs, stories, and subject matter expertise together into a powerful, online, faith-based learning experience.