Media Kit

We are pleased to share a list of Telios Teaches' offerings, fast facts, and images available for use.

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Course Offerings

  • Sexual Harassment Prevention

    • Sexual Harassment Prevention for Ministries (Manager & Employee Levels)

    • Sexual Harassment Prevention for Businesses (Manager & Employee Levels)

  • Child Safety Training

    • Beyond Secure Check-In: Child Safety Training for Leadership

    • Creating the Capable Guardian: Child Safety Training for Volunteers

  • Bonus Materials

    • Stupid Things People Do (And What We Can Learn from Them)

    • Telios Presents (Speaking event and conference recordings)

    • Bonus Vlogs

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Fast Facts


Telios Law in the Press

Our sister company, Telios Law, has had some cool events happen, and we're just going to toot their horn for a brief minute.

What Happens When Courts Treat Frozen Embryos Like Property by Helen Raleigh. The Federalist, 2019.

"School for Missionary Children in Japan Investigating Allegations of Past Abuse" by Emily McFarlan Miller. Religion News Service, 2019.

"Mother Sues State for Strip-Searching Child Without Parental Consent" by Kiley Crossland. WORLD News Group, 2015.

"Religious Law Plays Central Role in New Firm" by Wayne Heilman. The Gazette, 2012. 


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