Theresa and Special Education Law in Colorado

TheresaTheresa Lynn Sidebotham is a Colorado attorney who practices education law, special education law, and disability law. She knows education law, special education law, and disability law in Colorado, not just in legal theory and practice but also from raising four boys, three of whom had special needs. 


She facilitates access to justice for children with special needs by: 

  • Filing due process complaints and state level complaints under IDEA 
  • Representing clients at school district mediations and IEP meetings
  • Advising on Section 504 plans
  • Filing complaints with the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) alleging disability discrimination (or other forms of discrimination)
  • Litigating education and civil rights disputes in federal or state court

She handles school discipline, zero tolerance, and bullying issues, particularly for children with disabilities

She has authored a number of resources on special education and disabilities including a two-part Overview of Special Education Law (Part 1 and Part 2) published in The Colorado Lawyer.


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