Private Schools - Educating Children with Disabilities

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Private Schools

Although child find applies to private schools, usually private schools do not have to offer services under IDEA. There is an exception when the IEP team has decided the private school is the appropriate placement for the child. There are also special circumstances when parents can place their child in a private school and be reimbursed by the school district. Complicated rules govern when parents can do this. School districts may also provide some funds to private schools where parents place their children. 

In addition, if private schools take some federal money, as many of them do, there are some requirements under Section 504, though the requirements are less stringent than for public schools.

If your child is in private school or home school, the school district is not obligated to provide services under IDEA, even if an evaluation shows a disability. There are exceptions when that is the placement under IDEA. Also, a few accommodations under Section 504 must be provided by private schools. Some private schools will voluntarily work with you on accommodations. You can talk to the private school about your options. You can consider putting your child in public school, or dual-enroll the child with home school and public school.

clickable chart on educating children with disabilities

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