Crisis Management for Non-Profits, NGOs, and Mission Organizations

A white paper by Jessica Ross, Esq. and Theresa Lynn Sidebotham, Esq. about crisis management in global missions work.


Global missions work is increasingly dangerous, especially in certain parts of the world. Since 2003, there has been a worldwide spike in global kidnappings that more and more target faith-based workers such as missionaries, as well as other NGO workers. Real risks facing international mission organizations today include: injuries from suicide bombings, kidnappings, torture during hostage situations, threat of execution if captured, demands that ministry cease, and extortion.

Agencies operating in this sphere must understand these risks and put systems in place to help ensure the security of those working abroad. Solid crisis management is essential to protecting the safety of people and ministry property, and, in the event of a tragedy, can also go a long way toward preventing legal liability for the organization.

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